Risograph Print Subscription

What is a Risograph Print Subscription?


Each month I make a new Risograph print and ship them out to my subscribers!

1. You're charged on the first of the month
2. I get to work making the print, taking lots of process shots and notes along the way.
3. I ship the print out at the end of the month!
4. I write a breakdown of my inspiration, notes and Riso process that's sent to you via Patreon after I've shipped out the print. 

This subscription is a great way for me to feel supported financially so I can continue to focus on and make fantasy-adventure Risograph prints!


What kind of print will I receive? 


This subscription is set up like a 'blind box', which means you won't know what print you'll be receiving each month until I make it. This is why these prints are always a lot cheaper in the subscription than in my shop!
Each print will be whimsical, colorful and feature a fantastical scene with fun characters. Each print is usually around 8 1/2 x 11" or smaller, and sometimes I add extra prints I've experimented with that month!


How much does it cost?


It costs $15 for US based subscribers and $20 for International subscribers!


What else do I get with the print subscription?


I also share exclusive behind the scenes thoughts, photos, sketches and process on each print! I can also answer any questions you might have about Riso!


How do I sign up?


I use Patreon to set up this subscription so head over there and sign up for the correct subscription ‘Tier’ be it domestic or international. 



How does it work, exactly?


You can sign up for my print subscription anytime of the month but will only be charged on the first of the following month. I start making the print during that month then ship it out to you at the end of the month. So if you sign up on March 5th you'll actually be charged on April 1st and then receive ‘April’s Print’ in the later half of the month, around April 20th. Patreon bills a little funny so for April’s print you’ll technically be billed for ‘march’…I’m sorry that this part is particularly confusing but it’s the only way I can make this work without having people sign up and then leave before they actually pay for the prints. 


Below are some examples of prints I've made for my Risograph print subscription!