Risograph Print Subscription

Each month I send out a package of new Risograph prints to my subscribers that consists of one large 8x11~ print or smaller and one very small print! 

It's set up as sort of a blind package, I send you whatever I've made that month (sent around the 20th of each month), but it will always have a theme of fantasy/adventure women and I will always use the prints as an excuse to explore combinations of several Risograph colors. 

In addition to the prints, you receive exclusive behind the scenes photos and info on how I make my prints and how I set up my files for printing. 

You can sign up anytime but will only receive the print for the following month. So if you sign up on March 5th you'll actually be charged on April 1st and then receive your print in the later half of the month, around April 20th. There is a domestic tier and an international tier.

For more info visit my subscription site through Patreon here:   https://www.patreon.com/NatalieAndrewson