4 Different Thermograph Embossed Risograph Prints

$10.00 / On Sale

These are four different little Risograph cards which have a raised, protective texture on top of them using a process called Thermography...it makes the print kind of bumpy like screenprinted puffy paint! Printed with Aqua and Fluorescent Orange ink. These are limited edition Risograph pieces I made in Japan.

Choose one from the drop down list below:
-Sleepy Cat
-Teapot Stack
-Banjo Player
-Basket Giver

"Thermography is a process where wet ink is dusted with a fine resin powder and exposed to heat. The resin and ink fuse together, raising the areas where the resin has coated." -Risolve Studio's perfect explanation of Thermography.

This print is 4 cuts of an A4 print making each piece 4.135" x 5.845"