A Spell and a Song Risograph Print


This print was made right before Halloween so I was inspired to make a spooky, magical scene, but couldn't resist adding a silly moment where an emotional apprentice interrupts with a song. Originally made for October's Risograph Print Subscription on Patreon.

This Risograph print is 8 1/2 x 11” and printed with three colors- blue, fluorescent pink and yellow on smooth 65 lb. natural white paper.

Riso or Risograph is a printing process made by layering different colored soy based inks to create rich and vibrant images. Because this process requires adding one layer of ink at a time, slight changes in registration are natural. This also makes every print unique! I always inspect each Riso print for good print registration, hand sign them and send them with care in a stay flat mailer. Please check out my shipping page for more package info and post times! Thank you!