Fundraiser for Gaza

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Fundraiser for Gaza!

💌Print Fundraiser! All print proceeds going to @thepcrf - the Palestinian Children’s relief fund.

✨Limited edition run of 100 on the back of a three color print- so you get two prints in one!! They’re $30 + $5 shipping each and everything is going to The PCRF with screenshots asap.

The goal is to send a big chunk- more than I could send on my own- to make a dent and help save the lives of children and families in Rafah when aid is able to get through. ❤️💌💚

The videos of children starving and mass death are horrifying. We are witnessing the genocide of an entire people- collectively punished for the crimes of a few. I wanted to make a print to help send money to the PCRF, who are actively working to help save the lives of innocent children.

If you can’t pick up a print then please call your representatives in Congress and tell them to pressure Biden to end funding for this mass bombing campaign. The pressure is working. What we’ve been seeing for months is horrific, our tax dollars are being used to slaughter civilians indiscriminately. Let’s help send money for aid to the Palestinian people who don’t deserve this cruelty from the IDF and the Israeli government. Stop the killing.

Riso printed in three colors- scarlet red, Kelly green and aqua! Printed on 65 lb. Natural white paper. Size is 8 1/2 x 11".