My Riso Flavors *New* 11x17 Color Chart in Nine Colors


I’m back at it with another edition of the ‘My Riso Flavors’ print! This time with the nine colors I use in my studio and the color percentages next to each color dot so other printers can replicate it too!

This print isn’t all the color combinations that exist, but an 11x17 list of all the color combinations I love, am curious about, and want to implement in future prints.

They’re mostly two color combinations, but I have some three color combinations as well. I use this regularly in the studio to get inspired by new color combinations and palettes, and I finally added Scarlet and Aqua, which I’d been desperate to add to a color chart since I got them- hoping it can be helpful to other artists as well!

Featuring... blue, fluorescent orange, kelly green, federal blue, fluo pink, aqua, scarlet, yellow, and orchid.

*Riso or Risograph is an imperfect printing process made by layering different colored inks to create rich and vibrant images. Because this process requires adding one layer of ink at a time, slight differences in registration are natural and sometimes roller marks from the machine can occur. This is just a quirk of working with this printmaking method that makes each print unique! I always inspect each Riso print for good print registration and send them with care in a stay-flat mailer within a bubble mailer. I currently ship out once per week, please allow for 1-2 weeks shipping time. Thank you!