Summer Dragon Large Sticker


This is a detail from my Summer Dragon print, to see the whole image check here from the original print check here: https://www.natalieandrewson.com/product/summer-dragon

This is a large 6" x 3.48" matte sticker. Great for water bottles, laptops or notebooks! They’re durable and waterproof and the thick vinyl protects the stickers from scratching, water and sunlight.

You can snag all four dragons separately here:

Print: https://www.natalieandrewson.com/product/fall-dragon-risograph-print
Sticker: https://www.natalieandrewson.com/product/fall-dragon-large-sticker

Print: https://www.natalieandrewson.com/product/winter-dragon
Sticker: https://www.natalieandrewson.com/product/winter-dragon-large-sticker

Print: https://www.natalieandrewson.com/product/spring-dragon
Sticker: https://www.natalieandrewson.com/product/spring-dragon-large-version