Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my little Riso print store. Here's some useful information to know before you purchase from my shop:

Riso Quirks: Riso is not a perfect science, it's a printing process similar to screen printing made by layering one color of ink at a time to build a full color image. That's why this printing process looks so unique with vibrant spot color inks! Because this process requires adding one layer of ink at a time, slight differences in registration are natural, I even think they look cool and shows off the uniqueness of the print. It's not a digital print at all, that's important. Sometimes roller marks from the machine can occur. Roller marks happen when the paper is being fed back through the machine. If the print I've made is a 2-3 color image then there will be roller marks on the print, but I try to minimize them as much as possible by only printing yellow and pink first. This is just a quirk of working on the Riso that makes each print unique, it's not a printer error and all of my prints have various levels of ink from the rollers. However, I always inspect each Riso print for good roller mark coverage (if it's not affecting the mood or characters of the print) and I check for good print registration, sending them with care to you. I'm excited about these prints and I hope you are too!

Shipping: In order to ship everything safely to you, I send everything in stay-flat mailers inside of yellow bubble wrap packages. Washi tape and pins shipped with prints go inside the bubble mailer and do not touch or harm the prints.

Shipping time: I do my best with my small team of friends to get your package sent out to you as quickly and safely as possible. I say lead time is about a week, but we are at a point where we're shipping things out immediately...but just to be safe I think a week is good. If you're ordering for a gift please allow plenty of time for your package to get to you or let me know if you in the comments if you need something shipped out asap and I'll truly do my best to accommodate. I'm traveling for conventions frequently so if you need something signed please allow a few weeks for it to be sent out!

International shipping time: International orders are taking about a month to arrive to their destination right now. Sometimes two! Please be patient as it slowly makes its way through the system. It's on it's way! Let me know if it doesn't show up in 3 months and we'll work it out.

Customs and Duties: My packages are subject to international customs and duties. Please keep this in mind when placing an order! If you fail to pick up your package from customs and it's sent back to me just send me an email if you'd like me to send it again. You'll have to pay for shipping again.

Returns: Returns and exchanges are accepted! However, they are subject to square and paypal merchant fees, which they do not return. Please keep this in mind when placing an order, triple check your discount code is applied as those merchant fees can't be returned!

Messaging me: If you're unhappy with your purchase please email me so I can make it right. Thank you so much for your patience as I'm the only one answering customer emails, I'm working on getting a friend to help soon too so I can focus on drawing but I'm not quite there yet. I try my best to message back as soon as possible. If your US based order has said it's arrived but can't be found please give it ~3 days to arrive, sometimes USPS says packages are delivered when they're still out for delivery and sometimes packages show up behind furniture or at a neighbors house. If the package hasn't arrived in a reasonable time definitely message me! I absolutely want to make sure you get your package and will do a little investigate.

Riso Print Subscription via Patreon: This is a little blind box subscription for the fantasy prints I make! Most everything you see on my shop was made for my Patreon first. Patrons are charged $15 flat including shipping (domestic) on the first day of each month. If you sign up for the patreon/Riso subscriotion in the middle of the month then your first charge will be on the first of the next month. After the 1st, I get started on sketches and ideas for the final print. About halfway through the month I finish the image and start printing and then I send the print out to you at the end of the month! After that I'll share the process and behind the scenes of how I made each print. Please allow a week or two before the packages arrive. For international patrons ($20 incl. shipping) please allow one to two months for packages to arrive.